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Learn to transform your business writing and become a more effective communicator.

Apicality’s coaching services will teach you to recognize recurring weaknesses in your writing and present you with tools and techniques that you can use to make your own documents more concise, direct, and specific. Working with your coach, you will practice using those tools and techniques until they become a habit for you in the writing and editing process.

Private Coaching Sessions

Apicality’s writing coach works with business professionals and students in one-on-one sessions to review writing samples, identify common weaknesses or errors, and practice using tools to address those problems and strengthen the effectiveness of your written communication.

The coaching sessions take place remotely or at your preferred location in the Portland, Oregon area.

Private Coaching Package

Apicality’s private coaching package helps business professionals and students become aware of the importance of clear business writing, identify problems with their own writing, and learn how to improve their written communication.

  • The coaching begins when you submit a two-page writing sample. The writing coach will review it and provide a detailed Writing Assessment that identifies recurring weaknesses, explains how they interfere with clear communication, and presents tools and techniques to address those problems. The writing coach will also provide an edited version of the text using the “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word.
    [View a sample Writing Assessment]
    [View a sample of our editing work]
  • Apicality will arrange an initial one-hour phone conversation or face-to-face meeting to review the Writing Assessment with the writing coach and answer any questions you may have. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss your goals for the coaching sessions and the type of writing projects you are working on. This will help the writing coach understand the purpose, audience, and format of the types of business documents you want to work on.
  • The writing coach will provide four writing/editing assignments (one per week), each focusing on one or more of your recurring weaknesses, as well as links to related online resources that more fully explain the problem and/or provide opportunities to practice revising certain types of sentences. The writing coach will provide detailed written feedback on each assignment via email, with phone support as needed.
  • After completing the four assignments, you will have an opportunity to submit a new two-page writing sample. The writing coach will review it and provide an edited version of the text using the “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word, as well as detailed comments on any recurring weaknesses or other opportunities for improvement.

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It was pleasure to work with Jessica. [The] results we got together making content for websites are amazing. Highly recommended. – S. Kaushan,

A. Nielsen I thought the business writing workshop was very useful. [Jessica] made it very practical and gave us four clear ways that we can already put in practice to improve our writing. If there is another workshop, I would attend again. Thank you very much for setting this up!” – MBA Student, Willamette University

A. Nielsen Jessica suggested ways for us to improve our business documents while correcting the grammar and syntax of our writing. She is a reliable, professional editor and I have enjoyed working with her. – V. Nielsen, telecommunications, Denmark