All of the materials, exercises, and handouts for each business writing workshop are customized to meet the needs of the workshop participants.

Before each workshop, our expert trainer reviews the participants’ writing samples to identify the most common weaknesses and adapt the content and format of the workshop accordingly. Approximately 90% of the exercises are based on text excerpted from the participants’ writing samples.

This customization maximizes the impact of the workshop because the participants learn to recognize their own errors and can immediately see how the techniques improve the clarity and persuasiveness of their writing.

A. Nielsen Jessica is a detail-oriented copyeditor who provides valuable insight on marketing/branding materials. She also offers a very rapid turnaround time. – A. Abolmasov, venture capital & private equity manager, Russia

A. Nielsen I thought the business writing workshop was very useful. [Jessica] made it very practical and gave us four clear ways that we can already put in practice to improve our writing. If there is another workshop, I would attend again. Thank you very much for setting this up!” – MBA Student, Willamette University

A. Nielsen Jessica suggested ways for us to improve our business documents while correcting the grammar and syntax of our writing. She is a reliable, professional editor and I have enjoyed working with her. – V. Nielsen, telecommunications, Denmark