Modular Approach

Our modular approach allows our writing workshops to focus on the specific topics that maximize improvements in the participants’ business writing. Based on the initial assessment of pre-workshop writing samples and discussions with management about the organization’s needs and goals, the trainer will work with you to select the most appropriate topics, such as:

• The writing process
• Channel selection
• Audience analysis
• Organization & flow
• Paragraph construction
• Transitions
• Introductions & conclusions
• Active voice
• Avoiding “it is / there is”
• Minimizing the use of “to be”
• Parallel structure
• Subject/verb placement
• Converting nouns into verbs
• Punctuation
• Capitalization
• Consistency in voice & tone
• Minimizing adverbs
• Word choice
• Subject/verb/pronoun agreement
• Cutting the clutter (avoiding unnecessary words)
• Minimizing prepositional phrases
• Tips for group writing
• ESL considerations
• Citation & attribution
• Writing positively
• Effective emails, memos, reports, proposals, executive summaries, etc.
• Proofreading checklists
• And more!

A. Nielsen Jessica is a detail-oriented copyeditor who provides valuable insight on marketing/branding materials. She also offers a very rapid turnaround time. – A. Abolmasov, venture capital & private equity manager, Russia

A. Nielsen I thought the business writing workshop was very useful. [Jessica] made it very practical and gave us four clear ways that we can already put in practice to improve our writing. If there is another workshop, I would attend again. Thank you very much for setting this up!” – MBA Student, Willamette University

A. Nielsen Jessica suggested ways for us to improve our business documents while correcting the grammar and syntax of our writing. She is a reliable, professional editor and I have enjoyed working with her. – V. Nielsen, telecommunications, Denmark